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I am so digging this track right now. Actually, I am just digging this pair right now! Describing themselves as folk’n’b, this quirky pair have been snaffled up by Tape Club Records and have a lovely little album called La Trimouille out now. 

This London pair just ooze London Hipster, which I know sounds like a bad thing, but when you’re this talented, lyrically and vocally, adding exceptionally well dressed to the list of qualities cannot be a bad thing. 

With a distince 80s vibe, and competing against the likes of Two Door Cinema Club in sound and style, the duo still manage to bring a new and vibrant almost electric current through there music.

The contrasting vocals between the two bring a lovely, melodic and almost delicate edge to music that could have been lost to the generic indie pop noise that the music world is downing in. The distinction lies in their echoing yet passionately strong vocals. 

And since I am particularly fond of a good cover, here are the two doing Teardrops (no, not the Massive Attack, Teardrops, the almightly Womack & Womack, Teardrops!) while wandering around East London. 

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