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Music and Meandering by yours truly, Heather-Davina.

I live, laugh and love in London, but I'm a Glasgow girl at heart.

I ramble a lot about music, literature, events and living life in general. 

So I was down in London on Tuesday. I love London. The atmosphere is just so exciting. I feel like a kid on the first day at the big school, trying to be cool but feeling slightly intimidated by how many unbelieveably cool people you’re surrounded by. The way people dress, the determination in their stride. I would really like to be a 6th year down there rather than a P7 who’s there for a day visit. I feel my move there is inevitable, but exactly when is still to be decided. It feels like a long summer holiday before the first day back at school.

However, when I was down, I managed to stumble across a real Banksy piece, not get lost, and walk past a man blasting Snoop Dog on his ghetto blaster while waiting for a bus. I bloody love London.

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