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Go North 2012- Thursday night

Some photos from the train ride from Edinburgh to Inverness, and of course, Thursday night at Go North. Teklo raving it up in Hootannanys, Olympic Swimmers beautiful and completely rammed gig in Madhatters, Lady North following up, making some funky and damn ear satisfying noises, French Wives perfect harmonies in Ironworks, then back to Madhatters to see DARC, who as well as providing a smashing performance to close Detour’s showcase, gave away party bags with their band info on party invitations as well as refresher bars. Boys, you clearly know the way to a girl’s heart.

Detour Episode 1

A couple of shots from the filming of Miaoux Miaoux and Prof at the arcade, as well as some photos from the live gig in Stereo starring Alarm Bells and United Fruit.


Rehearsal. Bright lights. Fat beats.

Oooooh flashy lights.

Exactly what you need at 16.31 on a Saturday

(Source: chvrches)

SAY Award In-Store Events

What are you doing on Sunday?

If like me you’re not at Rockness, give your ears a musicical day trip to the Scottish Album of the Year Award in-store events.

It’s the perfect opportunity to see for yourself why these artists deserve to be in the shortlist.

Conquering Animal Sound: Love Music, Dundas Street, 2pm

Remember Remember (solo show) : HMV Buchanan Street, 3pm

Happy Particles (full band): HMV Buchanan Street, 3.30pm

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat: Apple Store Buchanan St, 4.30pm

And so as not to leave the east coast out, Conquering Animal Sound will be playing Avalanche in Edinburgh at 4pm on Saturday 9th.

Day 1 at Go North

If you, like I, missed the first day and night of Go North 2012, have a swatch at Euan’s photos.

His blog’s also very interesting- I think we have a very similar opinion on the perfect chaos that’s currently underway in Inverness.

Plus, he’s PURE GREAT at taking photos. Make sure you check out his back catalogue.

My personal favourite from last night is the drummer from Fat Goth: partically because it completely encapsulates the focus and passion of the moment, but mainly because his facial expression is the same as that of the cartoon on his t-shirt. It made me laugh.

I will see you there in approximately 9.5 hours (not that I’m counting…)

Another well deserved Rockness appearence!

Morning everyone! So, two years ago yesterday was our first ever gig as a band and as a little anniversary present the Scottish Daily Record have informed us that our band have been selected to open the MAIN STAGE at this weekend’s ROCK-NESS music festival. It truly is such an honour and hopefully we’ll see all of you who are going! We take to the stage 1pm Saturday! Yaldiiiiiii!

Go forth to Go North

Grown up, professional seminars during the day: mad, raving gigs and after parties at night.

Yes, it is every young (or young at heart) professional’s dream event.

If you have any form of interest in the Scottish music scene, you should probably make an appearance at Go North.

Lightguides at Go North last year at The Scottish Bloggers stage.

There is the argument that it’s just everyone from the central belt moving up to Inverness for two days; I can’t lie, the “why would you pay SIXTY ONE POUNDS on a train fare to see bands that you can see anywhere in Glasgow throughout the year for free” perspective is a very valid argument.

However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s quite hard to get to know industry people. You can get a brief introduction, or an email response relatively easily. But to actually ask them questions that are important to you, or could benefit you in your career, or even just sit down and have a rum and coke with them- not exactly a piece of cake…

There is where the arguments against Go North are pretty much wiped out. There is no other place as intimate as Go North, where you can actively involve yourself with the scene. 

Bwani Junction at Detour’s showcase last year.

You can sit down and talk to the people of SMIA face to face, you can listen to the experience and ideas of the people at Wild Days, you can see what the Musicians Union have to say and then, you can go and see some of the 36 bands (a night!) that are performing in venues across Inverness (but handily all within walking distance from each other).

For absolutely EVERYTHING that you can do at Go North this year check out their WEBSITE and get planning your trip.

See you on Thursday night! 

Lightguides cheeky wee cover of Titanium (originally by David Guetta for all you non-chart, too cool for school types!). 

I’m always apprehensive before listening to covers, but this is pretty damn good! Plus it’s much easier to sing along when it’s in this key, compared to my usual screeching to hit the high notes in the original.

Bonus points for recording it with a hangover