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Photos to accompany my emo moment. 

I’m actually on holiday right now. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be on a computer on holiday, but these things happen. I am a child of the modern era and 3days with limited access to the internet tipped me over the edge. I’m currently in a LIBRARY just to get wifi. 

However, on a more positive note, I am on an island, just chilling out and doing absolutely nothing. It’s bloody wonderful! Yesterday I went on possibily the most beautiful run I’ve ever been on. Not normally something I would blog about, but it was so euphoric I felt the need.

I decided to go on an 8mile run, on my own, along this costal path on Arran, while the BF did some work in a dark room, stealing internet from a posh hotel. For all that it wasn’t gloriously sunny, it was so bright and breezy. Perfect running conditions if you’re into that kind of thing.
Headphones in, water in hand, sporting lycra. I was ready to go.
Normally when I run, I just shove in both ears, turn up the volume, and listen to new music. It takes my mind off the fact that I’m destroying my joints, and gives me a good hour or so of valuable listening time.
However, for some reason, I decided to listen only to Discopolis. But what I kept noticing was that during the more quiet moments of their music, all I could hear was the sea crashing against the beach I was running past. I didn’t see anybody for two hours. I didn’t have any communication with anybody in two hours. In the end I was rocking one ear in, one ear out, and just being totally emo about how beautiful music and nature can be when it’s collided together. 
I am a particullarly stressy person. Even when I take time out to run, I still turn it into something productive. I think yesterday, for the first time in about 2years, I actually took two hours out of my life to just enjoy how wonderful music can be, especially when it’s accompanied by some of the most dramatically stunning scenery around.
I think I should go on holiday more often.

The advice and lesson I would give from this would be:

download Discopolis’s new Summer mix EP here,

wear lycra. It’s the most comfortable thing ever!

Wear trainers with said lycra, otherwise you’ll look like a seal.

Then, go for a run, or a walk. Get out of the house and out of your head! Go to a park, a beach, a canal. Anywhere that doesn’t look like a city. And just, have a wander. Listen to great music, and forget that we’re living a life ruled by emails. 

Hypocritically, I’m now in an island library replying to emails, listening to new music, and overhearing old ladies discuss whether they’re going to Zumba tonight or not.

(Source: Spotify)

ListingDetails.html.jpgOh yes. Out on the 8th of October, but I’m quite certain this wee teaser will keep me raving until then.

So I was down in London on Tuesday. I love London. The atmosphere is just so exciting. I feel like a kid on the first day at the big school, trying to be cool but feeling slightly intimidated by how many unbelieveably cool people you’re surrounded by. The way people dress, the determination in their stride. I would really like to be a 6th year down there rather than a P7 who’s there for a day visit. I feel my move there is inevitable, but exactly when is still to be decided. It feels like a long summer holiday before the first day back at school.

However, when I was down, I managed to stumble across a real Banksy piece, not get lost, and walk past a man blasting Snoop Dog on his ghetto blaster while waiting for a bus. I bloody love London.

There is too much on tonight

Those Detour lads are putting on a gig in Electric Circus, Edinburgh. Since I now live in Edinburgh, I like this. Two thumbs up. After some serious punk-grunge last week with Lady North and PAWS, this week I’ve got my dancing shoes ready for Bwani Junction and The La Fontaines, and extra deoderant on for Hostage and Slimes in the Mortar and Pestle label room. It’s going to be sweaty. Plus, it’s open til 5am. And there’s a Karaoke room. What’s not to love.

Then, I saw the lovely TeKlo mention on Facebook, that he’s doing a gig in Cab Vol with the oh so handsome Silvertongue. I spent most of July moaning about how there were no good gigs on in Edinburgh, then in August I get hit in the face with two corkers in one night!

THEN! Bear Arms, Hunt/Gather and Crusades are playing at Flat 0/1 in Glasgow tonight.

AND THEN! Meursault are on at Stereo in Glasgow too!


I’ll be at Electric Circus. But I expect a full report on all the other gigs. Thank god for social media.

Frabbity Rabbity have new tracks! And promise of a new album! One, two, three… “Yeaaaaaaaah”. The first time I heared it was when they performed live on Vic Galloway’s show at the Fringe a couple of weeks ago and sounded beautifully and tentatively fresh, showing growth and development like in The Winter of Mixed Drinks, but reclaiming some of the delicate and raw sound from Midnight Organ Fight.

January 2013 is the rumoured release date. If someone could start a rumour it will be released in October 2012- and then for that to happen- my impatient nature would really appreciate it.

A couple of wee snaps from Wickerman 2012. 

Gerry Loves Records New Release


The wonderful and funny Gerry Love Record boys are releasing yet another wonderful limited edition 7” Split Single this time with Adam Stamford (Y’all is Fantasy Island) and Rick Redbeard (The Phantom Band). They are also celebrating with a few wee gigs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Buy the vinyl and go to the gig. It will be good and it looks very beautiful….the vinyl that is. 

I’ve left my record player at my parents’ house in Glasgow post-move to Edinburgh. This is a VERY good reason to sit on a train with a record player on my knee