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Monday, I knew we were going to get along just fine. New music from my favourite #frabbit #free-stream #music

Monday, I knew we were going to get along just fine. New music from my favourite #frabbit #free-stream #music

snow day! #snow #london #kewbridge

snow day! #snow #london #kewbridge

I think I’m a wee bit in love with Iggy Azalea.

I mean she is a total babe, and isn’t afraid to show it, but the fact that she is so bloody talented… I really hope she’s set to be the superwoman of hip hop that she deserves to be.

Her lyrics and rhymes are tight, the production is bassy and grimey. She acts like the boss because for all intensive purposes, she is bossing it! Being a girl, let alone a white girl, in the in scene- the girl has serious balls.

It’s so inspiritng. She’s not shy or retiring. She’s hard and in your face without being arrogant and intrusive in interviews. She is herself and doesn’t apologise for being so. 

Basically, what I’m saying is, I want to be Iggy Azalea.

I think I should just accept now that a)I can’t rap b) my ass/waist combo is never going to be that phenomenal. 

Now take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate this awe inspiring lady. 

#music #life

#music #life

Spontaneous band practice on the tube #london #tube #adventures #music

Spontaneous band practice on the tube #london #tube #adventures #music

@clash_music; saying everything I've ever wanted to say about Nina Nesbitt

Woah. Good start, nice voice, it’s all a bit KT Tunstal-y. Hopping and skipping around my ears. Maybe a bit over-produced, sounds like there’s a good song underneath. Interesting lyrics keep poking through. Again, another bad video, this is a dead medium. A catchy song though, I’d turn the radio up if I was doing the dishes. Overall then, I wouldn’t be disappointed if my kids listened to this. I just wouldn’t think they were very cool.”

Well said lads, well said. 

Crookers; when two become one

I highly doubt that Bot and Phra are Spice Girl fans, but alas it is true, Bot is handing over Crookers to Phra, announcing their split this morning. 

It all seems very amicable in their parting of ways; “We want to thank all our fans for supporting us from day one! Don’t be sad though, a new chapter is about to begin.”

Lets hope it was all smiles and happy memories, and not the old “It’s not me it’s you. Lets still be friends.” 

Phra’s keeping the beats goings, representing Crookers as a solo project at any upcoming gigs, so we can all keep dancing to Knobbers and We are all Prostitutes for the foreseeable future.

A nice wee remix of a track that’s been getting some daytime play on BBC Radio 1, this is the powercut remix of AlunaGeorge’s Your drums, your love.

There’s a fair few remixes out there, from the likes of Friendly Fires, Deebs and The Prototypes, but I think this is just about my favourite. 

The original is all about the vocals, but I love how accentuated the beat is in this version.

Listen loudly.

Lower than Atlantis at the Ballroom, Camden  (Taken with Instagram)

Lower than Atlantis at the Ballroom, Camden (Taken with Instagram)